“officially” total of coronavirus run into 70 as first case in Marib reported

The Saudi-backed government reported on Wednesday, the first COVID-19 case in Marib province and four other infections.

This new coronavirus case in Marib taking the “official” total of coronavirus cases in areas under Hadi’s government  control to 70 cases, including 12 deaths.

The Aden-based government’s coronavirus committee said two cases including one death were reported in Aden, and two in Lahej, including one death.

The Yemeni  internationally recognized government announced on Tuesday nine new COVID-19 cases in three southern provinces on Tuesday, taking the total number of cases in areas under its control to 65, with ten deaths.

The legitimate Yemeni government’s  coronavirus committee said nine new COVID-19 cases had been confirmed, including for the first time in the provinces of Abyan, al-Mahra and Shabwa, where one person died.

Four more infections were reported in Aden, the government’s interim seat, taking the total there to 39.

The Aden government has now reported infections in seven provinces under its control, stretching from the Red Sea in the west to the Omani border in the country’s east.

The Houthis have so far reported only two infections, with one death, from the novel coronavirus, both in Sana’a.

The Aden government reported Yemen’s first case on April 10 in a southern port town and there have been almost daily announcements of new cases over the past 12 days.

The United Nations said on Monday the recent sharp rise in cases indicated the virus had been circulating undetected for weeks, increasing the likelihood of a surge in cases.

The World Health Organization says it fears COVID-19 could rip through Yemen as the population has some of the lowest levels of immunity to disease compared with other countries. Minimal testing capacity has added to concerns.

The five-year war has shattered Yemen’s health system and left its population weakened by hunger and disease. Around 80% of the population, or 24 million people, rely on humanitarian aid and 10 million are at risk of starvation.

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