76 Deaths Reported in ‘infested’ city of  Aden within a day

Official Authorities in Aden revealed about deaths of 76 people in Yemen’s port city on Tuesday due to Covid-19 and other diseases.

Authorities gave licenses to bury 76 people who died of various diseases, Sanad Jamil, head of Aden’s personal status department, said in a statement. He said the number of deaths in the city from Thursday through Tuesday is 385.

The government already declared separatist-controlled Aden an “infested “ city hit by several diseases and viruses, including the new coronavirus. It reported 65 positive cases of coronavirus nationwide, mostly in Aden, with 10 deaths.

The United Nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs said in a statement that “the sudden, sharp rise in cases indicates that the virus has been circulating undetected and unmitigated in Yemen for some weeks, increasing the likelihood that a surge in cases could overwhelm health care facilities.”

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