1,031 crimes in Sana’a seized in April‏

The pro-Houthis security services in the Capital Sana’a arrested 1,031 different crimes during last April, including murders and thefts, According to an official Statistics issued Wednesday.

Statistics issued by the Sana’a security the crimes included 17 murders, 139 thefts, six thefts by force, 16 cars thefts, four cars thefts, seven motorcycles thefts, four cars theft, 33 thefts of homes and commercial stores and 26 pickpockets.

Statistics indicated that 11 crimes aid of aggression have been seized, four cases of kidnapping of people and seizure freedom , 41 cases of fraud, as well as the arrest of 23 people in cases of abuse and promotion of Hashish.

The statistic pointed out that the security services uncovered the circumstances of 208 crimes, committed in previous times, all of the perpetrators were arrested.

The security services recovered six stolen cars and six motorcycles, it arrested people accused of a bombing issue.

the statistic showed that the security services seized 113 suspects who were wanted for the security and justice, of whom 23 were wanted in criminal cases for provincial security, 67 wanted by the judiciary, four accused for serious crimes, and 83 people under judicial restraining orders.

In the same period, the Police seized 9 people for shooting at weddings; 67 people were arrested for violating the laws of the local authority in the capital Sanaa, and they were handed over to the competent authorities.

The statistic said that the security in the capital referred 774 accused in 568 cases to the Public Prosecution.