STC prepares for forthcoming battle in Hadramout

The southern transitional council (STC), loyal to the Emirates, began Tuesday a new tactic to manage the battle with Hadi’s forces in conjunction with the large military build-up by Hadi’s forces in Abyan.

On Tuesday, the STC ‘s forces deployed large forces reinforced with armored vehicles and tanks in the streets of Aden, which became close to the confrontations square with Hadi in nearby Abyan.

This move reflects the STC fears of falling of its advanced defenses in Abyan and its arrangements for a street war in Aden as what was happened the lines of the August war, which ended with the intervention of Emirati airstrikes that resolved the battle for the Transitional Council.

In a related development, the STC in Hadramout published pictures showing its forces in the coast and calling its  loyal tribes to support its troops.

The STC in a statement  pointed out that its forces in Hadhramaut will secure and protect all public and private facilities in coordination with the local authorities in and with the support and support of the Hadrami elite and public security.

This came after a series of meetings between the STC representatives  and the governor of Hadramout, who previously rejected the council’s directives to declare self-rule for the governorate, and it also indicates that the STC has begun to fall the Hadi government militarily in this oil province.

The STC control of the coastal districts is preparing for a forthcoming battle in the valley, where Hadi’s forces are located there with dozens of brigades.