Saudi pushes al-Qaida elements to support Alawadi in Al Bayda 

Saudi Arabia formally adopted on Tuesday military support for Yasser Al-Awadi in Al-Bayda, during the few past days.

Al-Hadath and Al-Arabiya correspondent Mohammed Al-Arab released a video clip for dozens of military vehicles reaches Radman district in Al-Tafa area, where Al Awadi is mobilizing to blow up the situation..

Al-Arab said that these reinforcements follow what he described as “salafi resistance”, while tribal sources revealed that these reinforcements were battalions of al-Qaeda elements deployed in Qayfah and Alsoma’ah, which were pushed to support Al-Awadi under the leadership of the prominent leader of the organization, Abu Muhammad al-Luqasi.

The movement of Saudi Arabia to its upper hand in Yemen, “Al-Qaeda”, came as fighting raged on the main supply lines from Marib, amid remarkable progress for Sana’a forces and Riyadh’s fear of Sana’a resolving Qaniya front battle neighboring to Marib.

In the context, activists and leaders in the Emirates wings launched an attack on Hadi’s Minister of Defense, Mohammed Al-Muqdashi, accusing him in a complaint they sent to the pro-Hadi governor by withdrawing all forces and weapons from the fighting fronts in Qania front. And handing over tasks to battalions known as “AlDhamari”. Although these accusations confirm Al-Maqdisi’s awareness of the fall of these areas. But activists close to Bin Aziz and Tariq Saleh called on the governor to stop the minister’s interference.

Meanwhile, Sadiq bin Aziz, chief of Hadi staff, demanded tribal backing for Al-Awadi, in a sign that his military support opportunities have vanished, that he promised to send it earlier, after the major supply, areas fell into the hands of Sana’a forces.