Repercussions of Hadi’s health crisis..?

The reports have been contrasted for the past few days, regarding to the health of the Yemeni president residing in Riyadh, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi. At a time, the areas under his control south of the country witnessing dramatic developments, and indicates the possibility of turning his page by Saudi Arabia.

The news from Saudi capital indicates that Hadi, who has been experiencing repeated health crises recently, has entered the King Faisal Hospital, in order to transplant the coronary arteries to his heart. Hadi was supposed to be transferred a few weeks ago to the United States to continue his treatment, but because Corona Ban and for an unknown purpose, he was kept in Saudi Arabia.

There is a division among social media activists and among them are officials in the legitimacy, concerning the timing of announcing that he will be treated.

The current “Qatar – Turkey” – as it is described, indicates that Hadi is trying to evade responsibility while pushing the coalition to move to devour the areas subject to Hadi control in the east, this was evident in a tweet by Yasser Al-Yamani, who reaffirmed Hadi’s health and demanded his stance in the coming hours. However, there has been no response until the moment, which confirms that Hadi entering a new stage.

This faction may sound right according to the statements attributed to a government source published by Hadi’s media. It reports that Hadi is under Saudi-Emirati pressure to sell Al-Mahrah and Socotra, but it is certain that Saudi Arabia arranged for something.

Signs on the ground indicate that the Saudi-Emirati alliance is preparing a plan to arrange successor instead of Hadi and no one is more suitable for this task than the transitional whose leaders did not stop offering the land and the cities to Saudi Arabia, and Emirates, The latest is Hani bin Brik’s remarks about their welcome to grant Saudi Arabia the largest military base in the region. he is referring to Al-Mahra, and before him, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, who said that Socotra was an Emirati since ancient times.

Perhaps Saudi Arabia obstructed Hadi’s travel to the United States in September last year, because  it was afraid of his rebellion. Perhaps it plans to make King Faisal Hospital his last mission in his miserable life. All data indicates that decided to end the file of Hadi and legitimacy and decided to prepare the alternative. This is evidenced by Al-Jazeera report about a leader in the Transitional Council from Europe was talking about direct negotiations between Saudi Arabia and the Council ending any role for Hadi government in the provinces of southern and eastern Yemen.

On the ground, the statements of the transitional leader seem to be more than just media consumption. Saudi Arabia has begun over the past hours to wear the transitional elements the dress of “legitimacy”, and they handed them security duties in Socotra under the name of “First Marine Brigade”, who originally rebelled against Hadi.

In Aden, Saudi Arabia is preparing to send the first fuel shipment for the city electricity, within a grant that will last for a year, according to media reports. By this step, it strengthens the transition’s confidence in the southern street, who disgusted by the council’s actions and give him international recognition and green light to install the pillars of his rule, especially this grant came at a time when the transitional authority imposed its authority on the city through transferring the revenues to his own account in Al-Ahli Bank, who was previously specialized to the southern country and excluding all state cadres in the city.

Saudi Arabia may be aware of Hadi’s death or may drive towards this scenario, and perhaps they delay the announcement until the completion of field situation arrangement. However, it certainly folded its page already and a new phase has begun where the transitional become the master of the scene.