Southern Forum calls Abyan’s people to fight occupation‏

Southern Reconciliation and Tolerance Forum (SRTF) affirmed on Tuesday that the Saudi-Emirati occupation authority continues to enter Abyan province the spiral of escalating the Southern bloodshed in favor of its agenda.

The Forum pointed out in a statement that the goal of the occupation forces from the fighting is to drain the capabilities of the south and remove them from the battle of liberation, through its local tools of the so-called “legitimacy of Hadi”, the militias of the Saudi-backed Islah Party and the forces of the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council.

The SRTF said, “What is happening nowadays on Shuqrah and Zunjubar in Abyan province is a futile fight, calling the people of Abyan not to engage in it, as it shed southern blood in vain”.

The Southern Reconciliation and Tolerance Forum also called on the free people in the province to reject this fighting, and close ranks so as to strengthen the national unity to win the battle of liberation against the Saudi-Emirati occupation project and its takfiri militias.