409 death cases in Aden during a week

The head of the Civil Status Authority in Aden, Major General Sanad Jamil Muhammad, reported that 56 burial permits were granted during the past 24 hours.

Mohamed indicated that 40 burial permits were given by police departments and 16 according to letters from hospitals and quarantines.

Jamil said that the causes of death of those who had been given permits to be buried by police departments were unknown, amid the spread of epidemics and viruses in Aden, on top of which is the Coronavirus, where most of the deaths cases recorded during the past days, which amounted from Sunday, May 4 until Monday, May 11, 409 death cases, according to previous statements of Civil Status Authority and media reports.

The legitimacy government in Aden declared the city as “infected area” but did not explain the reasons for the alarming rise in death tolls.