Sana’a residents ordered to stay at home

The pro- Anssarallah  government Higher Ministerial Committee for Epidemics Control on Saturday called on citizens to “staying in homes to ensure their safety with their families and the community”

The Epidemics Committee called Sana’a residents to adhere the health precautionary measures and realize that their lives may be exposed to high risks after recording two cases infected with Corona virus in the capital Sana’a.

The Committee emphasized on the necessity of citizens’ staying in homes to ensure their safety with their families and the community, in order to make sure that those who had mixed with both cases are not infected with this virus.

The meeting stressed the importance of intensifying media awareness, preaching and guidance of ways to prevent the Corona pandemic, and in the forefront adherence to hygiene in various aspects of life and continuous sterilization with lethal antiseptic for the virus.

In this regard, the committee approved a number of decisions to enhance the health sector efforts and the various precautionary processes related to confronting this pandemic at the central and local levels.