Sana’a calls UN to allow unloading Saffer ship

Minister of Oil and Minerals in Sana’a-based  National Salvation Government  Ahmed Daress on Sunday called on the United Nations to pressure Saudi-led coalition to allow the emptying of Saffer floating tank off the coast of Hodeidah.

The Oil Minister indicated in a statement that the floating tank that carries more than a million barrels of crude oil has become a time bomb that threatens the marine environment.

He pointed out that the Saudi-led coalition is still preventing the unloading of the crude oil quantity or performing maintenance of the tank.

“Despite attempts by the Ministry of Oil to carry out maintenance, the Saudi-led coalition refuses the entry of the technical team assigned to perform the maintenance under the supervision of the United Nations,” Daress said.

The Minister held the United Nations and the Saudi-led coalition countries fully responsible for any environmental catastrophe in the Red Sea that may reach Suez Canal, and the destruction of marine life due to the occurrence of an oil leakage, because Safer ship has became decrepit and the maintenance work was stopped due to the Saudi-led coalition.

“Saffer” floating tank contains one million and 278 thousand barrels of crude oil, and it is a ship used for unloading.