Anssarallah : Saudi deported  refugees in cruel conditions

Spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarallah Movement , Mohammed Abdulsalam said that the Saudi Arabia intends to double the suffering of Yemen, which under siege, and aims to destroy the Yemeni health and security.

AbdulSalam said on Twitter that Saudi Arabia has no  humanitarian  responsibility  when it decided to get rid of African refugees  by deporting them in inhumane conditions to Yemeni border after it reached “a bad level of ethical and economic austerity.”

“ Saudi Arabia should have returned the Africans to their countries directly instead of deporting them to Yemen, “ he added.

Over the past few days, Saudi Arabia deported more than 800 Somalis to Yemeni border of Al-Jawf province.

Last Friday, The Sana’a-based  Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs(SCMCHA) said that Saudi Arabia has deported 800 Somalis to Yemen across borders of al-Jawf province.

The SCMCHA stated in a statement that the deported Somalis are currently quarantined in the city of Al-Hazm, of al- Jawf province, but their number is large and there are no possibilities to cover the expenses of the quarantine center.

According to the statement ,The UNHCR has been addressed to deport them and carry out their responsibilities toward those deported, but the commissioners unfortunately did not respond.

The Council indicated its hope for an international response and a rapid pace of intervention to save this large number of Somalis under international humanitarian laws.

The council asked the UN High Commission for Refugees to repatriate the Somalis deported by Saudi Arabia and shoulder its responsibilities, but the UNHCR “unfortunately has not responded,” it added.

The council called for urgent UN intervention to “save this large number of Somalis according to international human law.”