57 airstrikes targeted Several Regions of Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition has carried out airstrikes in a number of Yemeni provinces despite its earlier announcement of a ceasefire to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

The coalition’s warplanes on Sunday launched 23 raids on Al-Baidah and Al-Jawf provinces.

In Al Baidah, The coalition’s warplanes launched 11 raids on the Qaniya area. In Al-Jawf, it launched 12 raids on the Khub Wa Al-Sha’af district.

The aerial attacks had launched several raids on the provinces of Al-Dhalea, Sa’adah and Marib.

In Sa’adah, it launched four raids on the Al-Naqa area of Sehar district, three raids on Adh-Dhahir district. In Marib, it launched 11 raids on Majzer district and eight raids on Sirwah district, also eight raids were carried out on Al-Dhalea.

The airstrikes come despite claims by the invaders that they were halting military operations in support of United Nations peace efforts and to avoid further spread of the new coronavirus in Yemen.

On April 8, Riyadh claimed it would halt all military operations for two weeks to counter the spread of the Coronavirus. Then it announced on April 24, that it was extending the unilateral ceasefire by one month. But since then, it has violated the ceasefire numerous times.

The senior negotiator for the Yemeni National Salvation Government, Mohammed Abdulsalam has dismissed the ceasefire claim as “false and misleading”, saying the Saudi-led coalition had even escalated their offensives against Yemen.