Demonstrations against STC in Aden city

Dozens of citizens took out to the streets in the city of Aden, Saturday evening, In mass demonstrations condemning the deterioration of public services, and the spread of epidemics and diseases.

The protesters chanted slogans in a number of Aden areas against the Southern Transitional Council (STC) , and accused it of tampering and destroying Aden.

The transitional forces used live bullets and water cartridges in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators in Crater.

The security belt forces closed earlier in the day the bank yard from which the protests Kicks off and all the streets leading to the city of Crater. Units of Anti-terror deployed to prevent the demonstrations that had been prepared since days.

The peaceful Southern Movement, held earlier, the “Transitional Council” responsible for the deterioration of public services; as power and water cuts, and the deterioration of health services.

The Transitional Council has deployed anti-terrorism tracking units on Arwa Street, Crater District, in Aden City, to prevent the demonstration that has been prepared for days.

Local sources in the city said that dozens of demonstrators living in the directorate flocked to Arwa Street Square and surprised by the size of the military deployment.

The transitional forces have kidnapped a group of protesters, they took them to an unknown destination, and the identities and numbers of all kidnapped are not known yet.

The transitional gunmen dispersed the protesters and prevented them from gathering by force of arms, where they fired live bullets, in addition to using tear gas, according to the sources.

Activists earlier called for a massive popular demonstration, to condemn the catastrophic situation of the city and the deterioration in services, particularly electricity and health sector.