Sana’a forces foils large-scale creeping in Marib

Spokesman of Sana’a Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, said on Friday that the Army and Committees’ (loyal to Houthis) thwarted a large-scale military creeping implemented by Saudi-backed forces  in Sirwah, Marib province, which lasted for a day.

He confirmed  that It resulted in killing and injuring a number of the Forces loyal to Saudi-led coalition.

He pointed out that multiple airstrikes supported the their forces on the ground, at least 18 strikes.

It is worth noting that on April 28th, the Sana’a forces encountered two wide creeps in Marib and Al-Dhalea provinces, and the Saudi-backed forces suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment. Dozens of them were captured, and various weapons were seized.

Spokesman of Sana’a Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie said, Wednesday, that the Saudi-led coalition jet fighters have carried out more than 810 airstrikes on several areas  around the country since April 9, 2020.

Spokesman of Sana’a Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie said that the total number of Saudi-led coalition airstrikes and aggressive operations, since April 9, 2020 until today, reached more than 76 crawls and infiltrations- in addition to more than 810 airstrikes.

General Sarie confirmed that the continuous air and land escalation of Saudi-led coalition forces “will be met with an appropriate and hurting response.”

“Saudi-led coalition forces continued their escalation on various fronts, and launched more than 11 offensive operations and infiltrations during the past week,” he added.

Sarie mention that the offensive and infiltration operations of the Forces loyal to Saudi-led coalition were distributed on the border fronts and the provinces of Jawf, Marib, Bayda and Dhalea.

He pointed out that the coalition jet fighters launched 110 raids on the provinces of Sana’a, Saada, Bayda, Marib, Jawf, and Dhalea.