65 bodies buried in Aden within 24 hours- Update

Aden witnessed on Friday a frightening rise in the death rate with a strange epidemic sweeping the city, is likely Corona, as the authorities kept silent about it.

The Director of Civil Status in Aden, Major General Sanad Jameel, revealed that the Authority gave the permission to 65 burial permits during the past 24 hours. Noting that the permits were spent between 12 at noon on Thursday until 12 at noon Friday.

Jamil indicated that most of the deceased cases  dead due to breath  shortness, calling on the authorities in the city to expose the truth to people about what is going on and take extensive health measures to protect those who are alive.

In the context, the director of Abyan radio station, Saleh Al-Hanashi, described the situation in Aden as frightening. He pointed out that until recently, the Civil Status Authority was crowded with people searching for passports and now searching for burial permits.

On the other hand, the price of graves in the city reached to 35 thousand for the first time in its history. While local media quoted on a cemetery supervisor in Dar Saad as saying that, the cemetery is full and they are looking for new places to bury the dead.

Aden has been hit by the worst wave of a pandemic sweeping the city for weeks. Where the city recorded the death of children, women, men and officials, the last of whom was the director of the Local Authority Department at the Prime Minister’s Office, Moqbel Ali Lakhram.

Last Wednesday, 27 people died in the city of Aden after suffering from shortness of breath, which is one of the main symptoms of the Coronavirus, according to an unofficial statistic published by informed media sources in Aden.

According to the statistic, the number of deaths in Aden on Wednesday reached 29 people, 27 of whom were died due to  shortness of breath, and two due to other causes.

Meanwhile, the information indicated that the health isolation center in Aden received 12 cases on Wednesday, while the isolation center and the hospitals that were designated to receive Coronavirus suspects cases suffering lack of medical laboratories and health care staff

Among the death cases , according to the statistic, are the Director of the Local Authority Department in the Prime Minister office , Muqbil Muhsin Lakhram, and the Director of the Retirees Department in Aden Khaled Al Hammadi and the former director of the maintenance department at Al Haswah Station.

it is worth to mention  that during the past four days, Aden recorded 127 deaths from viral diseases, including  Coronavirus.