public Markets sterilization campaign launched in Sana’a

General Authority for Environmental implemented ,Wednesday, a spray and sterilization campaign in a number of public markets, streets and intermediate sub-islands in the capital Sana’a.

Spraying and sterilizing public markets, streets and roundabout islands come within the second phase of spraying  and sterilizing campaign for all districts so as to take precautionary and preventive health measures to confront the Coronavirus pandemic, director of the General Authority for Environmental Protection branch in the Capital Sanaa Mohammed Al-Athribi said.

He pointed out that 13 spray teams equipped with cars and tools for spraying and sterilization work were distributed to public markets, including al-Maqaleh, al-Zahrawi, Bab Al-Yaman and al-Zumar, as well as a number of spraying teams in the districts of al-Thawra and Azal.