Partial curfew in Aden and Hadhramaut.. Hadi’s  government excludes Aden from allocations

The health situation in southern Yemen has worsened with the announcement of new cases and deaths by Corona, and the conflict intensified between several parties.

the spread map extended during the last two days, according to the statement of the Epidemic Control committee of Hadi government, to Lahj province, where two injuries and one death were recorded, raising the total number of cases in the global epidemic, according to the World Health Organization, to 26 cases, including one recovery and two deaths.

In this context, local media outlets in Shabwa, Taiz and Abyan transferred from medical sources its confirmation on new cases of infection have been recorded in these provinces.

The city of Aden is the first in terms of casualties, even though Hadi government residing in Riyadh or the transitional council who control the city have not announced the true figures, in light of reports talking on dozens of deaths daily, and injuries that health authorities attributed there for other epidemics.

The outbreak prompted the authorities in Aden and Hadramawt to announce a partial curfew. In Aden, the transitional council approved the ban from ten pm until twelve at noon, Whereas, Hadhramaut authorities decided to ban from four in afternoon until four in the morning.

Although the curfew had already entered into force on Wednesday, the manifestations of life in Aden particularly passed naturally and the markets witnessed unprecedented crowding. The ban is expected to last in Aden for three weeks, while in Hadramout two weeks.

In this context, Hadi government announced the start of paying the allocations paid by donors to confront Corona in the provinces, with the exception of Aden, this prompted the transitional council to accuse Hadi government through exploiting Corona epidemic for political purposes.

Finance Ministry in Hadi government stated in a statement that it had begun to send allocations to the affected provinces according to the directives of Hadi Prime Minister, who had previously contacted with his authority in Lahj and Hadramawt provinces and announced his support for them in confronting the epidemic.

Finance did not disclose the amount of the allocations for the two provinces, but its announcement coincided with the announcement of the United States to allocate $ 25 million to confront the epidemic in Yemen to be added to a previous Saudi announcement, on delivering Hadi’s government 38 million dollars to confront Corona. Although cities still lack to the most basic needs of health sector, which was destroyed by the war.

For his part, former transitional spokesperson, Salem Al-Awlaki, launched an attack on Hadi government, accusing it of “politicizing the pandemic” and after imposing conditions on him is to allow her to return in full or bear the consequences of the epidemic that is killing the city’s residents.