A shocking statistic for COVID-19 victims in Aden within three days

The pandemic of viruses continued to kill people of Aden city, in southern Yemen, amid almost complete absence of coalition and the loyal authorities, who impose their control on the city.

According to unofficial statistics published by media sources, the number of deaths affected by Corona epidemic is first followed by other epidemics continues to escalate in a striking and dangerous way.

Statistics indicate that the number of deceased cases recorded on Tuesday is forty-two cases distributed as follows: Dar Saad twelve cases – Crater five cases – Khor Maksar three – Sheikh Othman eight – Mansoura -seven cases – Al-Mualla two – Brega and its surroundings three, and Al-Tawahi two cases.

Among those who died in Crater are three people from one family, while a mother from the same family is fighting death, and everyone has infected with the epidemic that is sweeping Aden currently, according to Bin Lazrak.

Information stated that, the residents of Dar Saad district resorted to digging tombs with poclain in an event considered the first since years.

It also indicates that there are deaths in the displaced camps north of Aden, without any monitoring or follow-up.

Despite this dangerous escalation in the number of deaths in just three days, it reached 100 deaths with 26 cases on Sunday, 32 cases on Monday, 42 cases on Tuesday, however, the coalition and the factions loyal to it renounce responsibility for saving the residents of Aden, or support them with the most basic services.

This rise in the percentage of epidemics in Aden, headed by Corona epidemic, came weeks after coalition and its factions loyal to it ignored the distress calls from the residents of Aden.  Regarding the spread of serious epidemics, just as the coalition and its followers not only failed to respond to these distress, but while the world was closing its outlets and airports in precaution from Corona, Thousands of pilgrims were pushed from Saudi Arabia to Yemen, without any precautionary measures. Aden airport has also been opened to the flights of the Saudi-trained forces at the border, where the epidemic had spread there

As for the round trip flights between Saudi Arabia and Yemen to military officials, forces and cargo carriers, were continued without the slightest precautions.

Five years ago, the coalition raised the slogan of the hope storm, but it not only killed the hope in the hearts of Yemenis, but also killed the Yemenis themselves, and this is what the majority speaks about in the north and south.