127 mysterious deaths within four days.. Aden records 27 deaths in 24 hours

27 people died in the city of Aden on Wednesday, after suffering from shortness of breath, which is one of the main symptoms of the Coronavirus, according to an unofficial statistic published by informed media sources in Aden.

According to the statistic, the number of deaths in Aden on Wednesday reached 29 people, 27 of whom were died due to  shortness of breath, and two due to other causes.

Meanwhile, the information indicated that the health isolation center in Aden received 12 cases on Wednesday, while the isolation center and the hospitals that were designated to receive Coronavirus suspects cases suffering lack of medical laboratories and health care staff

Among the death cases , according to the statistic, are the Director of the Local Authority Department in the Prime Minister office , Muqbil Muhsin Lakhram, and the Director of the Retirees Department in Aden Khaled Al Hammadi and the former director of the maintenance department at Al Haswah Station.

it is worth to mention  that during the past four days, Aden recorded 127 deaths from viral diseases, including  Coronavirus.