Saudi forces take back Socotra ,handed it over to Hadi’s forces

Saudi forces in Socotra,on Tuesday, forced militants loyal to UAE-backed, the Southern transitional council (STC) to evacuate the government compound, hours after they storming and controlling it.

Local sources said that the Saudi forces handed over the compound to Hadi’s forces and returned the governor, Ramzi Mahrous, after he escaped from it.

The STC supporters gathered on Monday evening in front of the government compound in Hadiboh, stormed it and hoisted the flag of the southern state on its top.

The storming of the government compound by the Saudi forces came after the transitional failure to control Hadiboh.

According to witness, the Saudi forces deployed armed vehicles in the streets of the city, which is the last stronghold of Hadi.

Storming the government compound in Hadiboh by the STC’s forces consider as a coup against the agreement sponsored by Saudi Arabia earlier between Hadi and the STC.

The agreement stipulated that the island would be subject to Saudi controlling, and fighters from the local parties should be withdrawal.