ISIS reveals a close relationship with Saudi Arabia in Yemen

A video recorded and broadcasts by ISIS revealed close coordination between Al Qaeda and Saudi-backed Islah’s forces.

The video presented a confession by an al-Qaeda operative in which he talks about their move to Marib, and their meeting in one of the directorate in the province with the leader of the organization in Marib, “Abu Fawaz al-Marbi.”

The confession indicated that the leader of the organization took them to Sarwah, explaining that at every military point of legitimacy, he was informing them that he was Abu Fawaz al-Ma’ribi, allowing him to cross; he also called a military commander to provide him with fuel from a station. The member of the organization explained that they reached Sarwah, and participated alongside the legitimacy, which requested them to do so.

The broadcast of the recording came at a time of the conflict escalation between the legitimacy supported by Saudi Arabia and the Emirati-backed transitional council, which observers believe that UAE use ISIS to reveal the relationship between legitimacy and Saudi Arabia with terrorism, but despite that many documents revealed earlier about the two organizations fighting alongside with the two  Saudi side And the Emirati side in the war against Sana’a.

An investigation of the Associated Press told that the UAE included the elements of the organization within the security belt forces, while a similar investigation to the American CNN network revealed that the coalition weapons had reached the two organizations.