Sana’a call on Arab coalition ‘to abide by ceasefire’

The Anssarallah group (Houthi s) called on the Saudi-led coalition to abide by a recent United Nations (UN)-brokered ceasefire agreement.

This remarks came following accusations by the Arab coalition that the Anssarallah were “violating the ceasefire agreement”.

Member of the Supreme Political Council in Sanaa, Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, said that the allegations were “groundless”, holding the coalition’s “attacks and siege” responsible for the arrival of the novel coronavirus in Yemen.

Al-Houthi also accused the coalition’s air force of “shelling food supplies in Al-Bayda province”.

On 24 April, the Arab coalition announced an extension to the ceasefire agreement for an additional month at the request of the UN.

Violations were reported to have continued in recent weeks amid mutual accusations between the coalition and the Houthis.