More than 3,000 deaths and infections on “fever” in Aden

The Epidemic Control Committee in Aden, southern Yemen, announced on Monday shocking and frightening numbers, regarding the victims of the “strange” epidemic that is killing the city’s residents, at a time when international organizations began an emergency intervention to control the situation.

Head of the committee and undersecretary of health Ministry in the government of Hadi Ali Al-Waleedi said that, the committee has recorded during the past days 46 cases of death and more than 3 thousand cases due to an outbreak of what it described as “fevers”, which are symptoms are similar to the symptoms of “Corona” virus.

Moreover, Aden witnessed on Sunday, the largest funeral of victims for a “strange epidemic” in the city, exceeding the 12 cases within 12 hours.

Although Hadi government only reported five cases of corona, two of them died, as Al-Walidy says. However, doctors and workers in Aden hospitals, most of which closed; confirm “Corona” outbreak, and the estimated outcome exceeding 100 deaths and thousands of injuries.

Aden is experiencing a state of vacuity in light of the ongoing struggle between the Emirati-backed transitional council and Hadi whose government is based in Riyadh. These prompt international organizations to move in an attempt to control the epidemic that is sweeping the city.

On Monday, the International Red Cross announced the start of preparing Al-Amal Hospital for Fever, which is taken as a center for quarantine in Aden. Noting that the team of the hospital sterilized the center and brought furniture and equipment for the center.

MSF is expected to supervise the management of Corona file in the city, with the conflict intensification between the factions of power there, and efforts by each of them to obtain international allocations to confront the epidemic.