27 deaths within 24 hours in Aden amid health care absence

The Southern Yemeni city of Aden is suffering  a tragic situation due to the spread of diseases and epidemics, the latest of which was the coronavirus, due to the absence of the necessary health care by the local authorities in the city.

After recording five confirmed coronavirus cases, medical sources in Aden confirmed 27 deaths within 24 hours.

Local sources said that chikungunya and cholera diseases spread in the city in a frightening way, due to the complete absence of the local authority, the collapse of the sewage system, the accumulation of stagnant water, and the accumulation of garbage in the city’s streets.

Protesters in Aden held the occupation forces responsible for the deteriorating conditions and the spread of epidemics during their demonstration, Saturday, in Al-Tawahi district.

Meanwhile, the Southern Transitional Council had threatened to suppress any popular demonstrations after declaring a state of emergency following similar protests in the middle of last month. But spreading of diseases and epidemics prompted hundreds of angry citizens to restore the popular movement and organize demonstrations denouncing the deteriorating health situation in Aden.