17,000 casualties Of Yemeni Workers due to the war

Yemeni worker’s Trade Unions revealed about 17,000 workers in Yemen were killed and injured due to raids of the Saudi coalition in five years.

The Unions stated, during a press conference held in the capital Sana’a on the occasion of the International Day of Workers, the first of May, that six thousand Yemeni workers  have been killed , and the number of injured citizens reached 10698.

The Unions indicated that the forces loyal to the Saudi coalition targeted industrial and productive establishments, which led to the accumulation of workers and an increase in unemployment. It pointed out that the aggression targeted 355 factories, during which more than 878 workers were injured.

The statement  indicated that more than 15,000 workers lost their job opportunities in the oil sector due to the aggression and the blockade. It noted that the transfer of the Central Bank to Aden caused the stoppage of salary payments and harmed workers and workers in the country.

The Unions held the Saudi coalition forces full responsible for the destroying and genocide inflicted on the homeland.