Saudi Arabia seems in weedy militarily position opposite Houthis

An analysis published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that the Saudis found themselves alone in Yemen war; their military weakness appeared even though they were equipped with American-made weapons and ammunition.

The analysis written by the newspaper’s Middle East analyst Zvi Barrell indicated that it was clear that coalition forces were unable to subdue Houthis, although Riyadh was originally hoping to eliminate them within a few weeks.

And the Israeli press claims that the war in Yemen is to counter Iranian influence. The analysis said that United States realized with increasing division among pro-coalition forces, especially after the Southern Transitional Declaration self-rule of southern provinces. The efforts to limit Iranian influence in Yemen are receding; therefore, no time was lost in expressing concern about the last step of the transitional council.

The report emphasized that Saudi Arabia wanted to fully control  Yemen from Affar while the Emirates supported the separatists with the aim of strengthening their rule in southern Yemen, and in the strategic Strait of Bab Al-Mandab.

The analysis revealed why UAE announced its withdrawal from Yemen last year, pointing out that it was subjected to missile strikes by Houthis, and it was also worried to be like Saudi Arabia, a constant target- So it reconsidered her policy, tightening ties with Tehran and withdrew most of its forces from Yemen.

The analysis indicated a division between Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, stressing that with the increasing division, there are two options in front of Houthis, the first is to expand their military offensives into southern Yemen in order to seize Aden and the oil areas, or reach a ceasefire agreement, and negotiate with legitimacy, It is a move that Riyadh has been promoting recently whereas, Houthis were less enthusiastic.