Number of deaths increased in Aden , Corona subjected to intl. management

A strange epidemic continued on Sunday, to kill Aden residents, with increasing death cases within 24 hours to 30 and dozens of suspected cases .

Hadi government announced the record of three new Corona cases; two of them were in Aden, bringing the death toll to ten, two of them died.


Hadi government has not commented on the accelerated deaths cases in Aden, but medical sources confirmed that between the dead military leaders and head of criminal prosecution.


All deaths were recorded at Al-Amal Hospital, which is considered a health center.


In the context, sources reported that MSF will take over Corona file in Aden with the widening conflict between Hadi government and transitional and fears of politicizing the file that kills people over the world.


The organization has not yet commented on this news.


Aden recently turned into a battleground between the “legitimacy” transitional and Hadi with allocating huge sums from donor’s aid to confront the epidemic.