Houthi and GPC condemn the Targeting of food convoys

US-Saudi aggression targeting of foodstuffs and goods in the Afar outlet in Al-Baidha province  comes as part of the double siege of the Yemeni people, Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi said on Saturday.

“The aggression targeting of the Afar outlet is a premeditated war crime,” Al-Houthi added in a tweet, explaining that the massacres were the most prominent criminal title throughout the years of the aggression against Yemen.

Meanwhile, the General People’s Congress (GPC)’s party strongly condemned on Saturday the airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition against Afar crossing in Bayda province.

The GPC considered in a statement that targeting Afar customs crossing is a new crime added to the list of the systematic war crimes and genocide committed by the aggression coalition against the Yemeni people.

The statement held the United Nations, the international community, and humanitarian and human rights organizations full responsible for continuing the aggression states in committing war crimes in Yemen.

The GPC called on the United Nations, the Security Council, and human rights organizations to form international committees to investigate into the aggression’s crimes agains the Yemeni people.

Earlier in the morning of Saturday , the Saudi aerial targeted 11 locomotives, injuring 3 drivers while others are still missing. The 11 locomotives were fully burned including foodstuffs, household appliances and electrical generators.