Hadi’s government retracts over “Corona” .. WHO apologizes

The World Health Organization apologized on Thursday, for publishing reports that five people had been infected with Corona in Aden, based on statements from Hadi government. This comes after Hadi government retracted its announcement to reveal the truth.

Officials in World Health Organization mentioned that its announcement over infected cases in Aden was based on what has been published by Supreme Committee of Controlling Epidemics in Hadi government who currently located in Riyadh.

In the context, Minister of Health in Hadi government, Nasser Ba`oum, said that the results of Corona tests against the suspects  in Aden may appear next Sunday or Monday, although he had previously confirmed the deaths of two cases in Corona.

Baoum pointed out that his government recorded hundreds of Dengue cases and that it was still adhering to the recent cases of corona until the actual results appear in an indication of his government’s retreat from announcing early-infected cases of Corona.

A mysterious epidemic continues to kill Aden residents amid attempts to politicize the epidemic, in light of the conflict over the city between the Emirati-backed transitional who recently announced autonomy in the city and Hadi government who residing in Riyadh.