With Saudi Green Light, (STC)  forces captured Socotra

The pro-Emirati Southern transitional council (STC)  forces completed on Thursday, its control of Socotra Island in the eastern coast of Yemen.

Local sources said that the transitional factions began preparing to control the government complex on the island, completing control on the headquarters of Hadi forces, noting that tanks, armored vehicles and checkpoints at the entrances and exits of Hadibu city, the administrative center of the island.

According to the sources, the transitional forces deployed checkpoints in Qadhib area, Alama and Astro Junctions to Aqaba Shaheen, at the entrances of Hadibu, in addition, in addition to a point in front of the Island port.

The interim forces had taken over the headquarters of the first brigade, Marine Corps, the striking force of Hadi’s forces on the island.

The former spokesperson of the transition council, Salem Alawlaki, said that all heavy and medium weapons on the island become at the hand of southern resistance.

While the transitional forces looted Hadi camp armories and transferred them to their own camps, the commander of the Saudi forces assigned a transitional officer with the rank of colonel named Ahmed Abdullah Daman, as a commander of the first Marine Brigade.

The sources stated that the Saudi leader of coalition forces interfere after the tension escalated between the former brigadier, Nasser Qees, and the new appointed commander through Ali Mohsen, Nasser Bagreed, where elements belong to Nasser Qees who loyal to Hadi son besieged Nasser Bagreed who arrived at the beginning of the week from seiyun and he was going to receive the camp leadership.

This tension pushed Nasser Qees who was loyal to the transitional last week to handover the brigade and forces stores.

The fall of Socotra in the hands of the transitional, two days after the council declared self-rule in southern Yemen, will expand its influence in eastern Yemen, Specifically in Socotra, which has been the subject of conflict between Islah and UAE for more than 3 years.