An international escalation in southern Yemen

Southern Yemen entered the circle of international conflict with the announcement of China to send a full fleet to the Gulf of Aden in addition to an American-Russian race to control Yemen’s most important economic and strategic components.

This comes in light of a vacuity there, with the conflict intensification between the local factions that make up the “legitimacy”.

According to the Chinese news agency, “Xinhua”, the 35th fleet of the Chinese army left the port of Zhoushan , Wednesday, on his way to Aden port.

The fleet includes the guided missile destroyer “Taiyuan”, which is participating for the first time in foreign missions besides the missile frigate “Jinzhou”..

Chaohu’s supply ship also accompanies the fleet, which includes about 690 officers and hundreds of soldiers.

The dispatch of China ‘s fleet comes despite its maintaining naval forces in the Gulf of Aden, with the tension escalation in southern Yemen, after the United States and Britain landed forces on the coast of Yemen, overlooking the Gulf of Aden all the way to the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

China has already concluded agreements with Hadi deputy, Ali Mohsen, on leasing Aden port.

The Chinese position remained dull during half a decade of war on Yemen, despite the meetings of Chinese ambassador with leaders of the Islah Party and the invitation of senior leaders in the party to visit Beijing.

China aspires to win the Yemeni ports as it considered important points on the new Silk Road aimed at controlling international trade.

China is joining with its military reinforcement, Into the American-Russian conflict; it began to unfold in southern Yemen.

On Tuesday, the envoy of the Russian President for the Middle East contacted the head of the Transitional Council, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, in the first foreign support for the council, which recently declared self-rule in southern Yemen, and has previously visited Russia more than once.

The call came at a time when the transitional is under international pressure aimed at forcing it to back down from its decision to separate southern Yemen.

The call sparked the discontent of Washington, whose foreign minister appeared in a state of annoyance with the transitional by calling for the speedy implementation of Riyadh agreement immediately, but Washington’s hostility that spans over the past year as the transitional begins his foreign visit, and Russia retreated with the statement of former US Ambassador Nabil Khoury, in which he described the transitional as the “main tape” of  United States of America in fighting terrorism.


With the autonomy decision, the transitional has moved the ball from the regional allies ’stadium to the international conflict circle, but fears are now out of control and Yemen becomes another square for the international disputes and what means another Syria and Libya, where the transitional become the most prominent goal in the game of giants.