STC pushes reinforcements to Abyan province

The southern  transitional council(STC) backed by UAE pushed on Tuesday with great reinforcements to Abyan province, the first line of defense for Aden in conjunction with Hadi’s moves there, in a sign of an expected blast for the situation between the two sides.

Local sources said that major reinforcements, including UAE armored vehicles and self-propelled guns, reached Zanzibar, the administrative center of Abyan province, along with dozens of crews and hundreds of fighters.

In the context, the transitional rejected Hadi’s threats, and the council’s spokesperson, Nizar Haitham, said that the council would not back down from the autonomy decision of the south, There is no force on the ground that would prevent him from starting his steps on the ground.

Haytham’s statements came after threats by foreign minister of Hadi government, in which the council demanded quickly to reverse its decision.

Tensions have risen between the pro-Emirati transitional council and the government backed Hadi Saudi Arabia with the continuing political obstruction after the transitional announcement of autonomy for the regions of southern Yemen.

The Foreign Ministry in Hadi government warned of catastrophic consequences of the transitional announcement, urging the council to quickly back down from his latest decision, which it describe it as an armed rebellion.

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami said that the transitional should retreat now or take responsibility for the catastrophic consequences.

Hadi government has not taken any step towards the transitional since he announced the state of emergency before two days, but has been taking social media pages to criticize the transitional declaration.

In this context, salah ben Al-Ghubar, the journalist in the transitional said that Hadi’s forces had started military movements in Abyan province. Stating to the arrival of reinforcements from Ma’rib and al-Bayda province to Qarn al-Classi and al-Aqroub on the advanced lines in Shuqrah.

He revealed on foreign figures, whose nationality has not been determined, started to give jihadist lectures, in conjunction with distributing weapons, expecting arrangements for a military operation

In the midst of these events, UAE officially revealed its position on Monday, from the recent developments in Aden, south of Yemen.

This comes amid controversy over its position regarding the announcement of the transitional autonomy.

Anwar Gargash, Minister of UAE Foreign Affairs, said through his Twitter account – that his country opposes the last transitional step and considers the implementation of Riyadh agreement the best and appropriate solution.

Gargash revealed that Saudi Arabia behind the transitional movement in Aden, indicating that it is the one who leads the coalition, whose country is part of it.

Gargash comments came with the widening criticism to his country for the first time since its establishment with UAE support in 2017.