Sana’a forces documenting their control of new areas in Al-Jawf

The military media unite of Sana’a forces on Monday released new distributed scenes footage showing Yemeni army fighters advancing and taking control over Labanat camp and the surrounding hills, during a large-scale offensive operation in Jawf province.

The scenes showed the progress of Sana’a forces after reviewing the storm plan, advancing towards the hills of Al-Maraziq and Bir Al-Maraziq, and were able to liberate the whole areas.

Revealing the control of Sana’a forces on Labanat hills and the camp completely. While, the remaining Saudi-backed forces have fled, leaving their weapons and equipment as spoils for Sana’a forces.

According to the military media, the forces loyal to the coalition attempted to “regain control of the camp with many intense creeps, and they were unable to make any progress and suffered more loss of life and equipment.”