A strange epidemic spread in Aden.. UN confirm Corona ,STC deny

A strange epidemic pervade over the past hours in Aden, its symptoms are similar to “corona” amid anxiety about the spread of the disease. While the description contrasted locally and internationally.

Activists and news websites published the names of 10 people who died in separate areas of the city, noting that hundreds of injuries were recorded.

Symptoms, according to activists, are between fever, coughing to severe fatigue.

In the context, Aden’s health office denied that it had recorded cases of a pandemic.  Referring the causes of deaths to the floods that struck the city last week, which he said are more than 14 deaths.

The office’s statement indicated that it is in constant contact with the Transitional Emergency Committee and any similar cases are being investigated.

The statement reveals transitional fears that have just declared self-rule for the south, in difficult economic and living conditions, from being overburdened by any pandemic outbreak, which is already overburdened heavily with completely collapsed services.

On the other hand, the United Nations warned that the global epidemic had spread in Yemen without the authorities being able to discover it. Noting in a statement to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs that the virus is now present and may spread quickly.

The UN coordinator, Lisa Grande, criticized the possibility of an increase in cases that may prevail on the fragile health capabilities.

The UN warning comes a few days after health authorities in Hadramawt, eastern of Yemen, announced the recovery of the only case that was recorded in ash-Shihr several weeks ago and the absence of new cases, even though those who were in contact with the patient exceeded 170 according to health reports.