Continuation of war is no longer  in serve the coalition’s states : al-Mashat

President of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a (SPC) Mahdi al-Mashat said that “peace is the best option for all and that the continuation of the war is no longer even in the interest of the states of aggression themselves”

During his interview with “Al-Thawra” Daily newspaper, published  Monday ,President al-Mashat touched on a number of the issues related Yemeni affairs, Where he said that the world is aware that the countries of aggression have been involved and sunk in the swamp of Yemen ,So they had to reread the events over the five years ,because the Yemeni people have made great sacrifices and proven that they can move towards independence.

President al-Mashat confirmed that the Yemeni side has submitted many initiatives that confirm the desire of all honest Yemenis for peace…Expressing the hope that the wise on the other side will seize these initiatives and the desire to turn the page on the war , and open a new page that begins with the total and final cessation of the war in all its security, political, military and economic forms.


He pointed out that the initiative announced on the eve of September 21st is still in place as long as it is not announced its end, pointing out that the initiative was clear in that it retained the right of the army and popular committees to respond to any violations of aggression and continuation of raids.


The president pointed out that during the stages of the aggression, the Yemeni side made many initiatives in order to achieve peace, and made many concessions during the negotiations sponsored by the United Nations with the aim of achieving a just and comprehensive peace…Stressing that concessions affecting the sovereignty and independence of the country could never be made because that would be a concession rather than a positive concession.


The Yemeni side has many continuous contacts with the countries of aggression and many international actors, We do not close any door that may lead to peace, he said.


The President indicated that negligence or leniency in bypassing international laws and treaties could make any State a target because such aggression was completely different and had no legal justification and was not based on any international treaties or laws.


He noted that there is no contradiction between the comprehensive solution document and the September 21 initiative, neither practically nor theoretically.