United Nations reduces its mission’s employees in al- Hodeidah

UN official revealed on Sunday reasons of UN decision to temporarily reduce the personnel footprint of the Mission in the western coast of Yemen.

Hanan Al-Badawi, the information and communication officer for the International Mission in al- Hodeidah, said that the mission is continuing its work under the command of General Abhijit Joha who is currently in al- Hodeidah, and he has decided to reduce the mission for preventive health reasons.

Al-Badawi denied what was said by the spokesperson of the coalition factions in the West Coast, Waddah al-Dabish, regarding to the end of UN mission, in overseeing the implementation of al- Hodeidah agreement and monitor the ceasefire under Stockholm Agreement, Pointing out that the United Nations decision to reduce its staff in Yemen is a precautionary and temporary decision. It also indicated that the head of the mission decided to keep a small team while another team will move to work from Jordan.