“Legitimacy” considers the transitional coup as an “external threat”

The government of exiled President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi described the Southern Transitional Council declaration of self-governance in the country’s southern provinces as an armed conspiracy, and complete withdrawal from Riyadh agreement between the two sides.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in Hadi government Mohammed Al-Hadrami said that the announcement of transitional council to do what he called a self-management for south; is only a continuation to the armed rebellion of last August, and a declaration of rejection and complete withdrawal from Riyadh Agreement.

Al-Hadrami carried the transition council the disastrous consequences of this announcement.

Observers believe that Hadi government’s choice of foreign Ministry to announce this position is a clear indication of UAE’s relationship with what is going on in Aden. As it is well known, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is concerned with Yemen’s foreign relations and declaring Yemen’s position on various issues through it. In addition, it seems that the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs came due to the relationship of transitional council with UAE. Moreover, indicate that UAE stands behind the transition statement, “according to political observers.

The former minister in the legitimate government, Saleh al-Jabwani, considered the statement of Foreign Ministry is meager and it does not meet the Yemenis’ need for a real reaction towards separatist trend.

The armed rebellion of May 4, 2017, and what the transitional announced today is a declaration of country disruption, and accusing him as a rebellion is only a poor stance of legitimacy, as he said.