STC declares a state of emergency and autonomy of the south-update

The southern transitional council in Aden (STC), supported by the Emirates, officially announced, early Sunday, the state of emergency in Aden and all of the southern areas  and started the “self- rule” of the south provinces in Yemen.

A statement issued by the Southern Transitional Council said, “The Southern Transitional Council announces autonomy of the south as of midnight Saturday, April 25, 2020,”

“ the self- rule committee will start its work in accordance with the tasks set for it by the presidency of the council,” the statement added.

In its statement, (STC), declared a state of emergency in the temporary capital of Yemen ,Aden city, and authorized the southern military and security forces to implement state of emergency starting from this Saturday.

The transitional council justified this announcement because the coalition stopped paying their salaries for several months and stopped supply them  with weapons and ammunition.

The statement also called on the governors of the southern provinces and officials of public establishments from the people of the south to continue their work under the leadership of The southern transitional council.

The statement called on the Saudi-led coalition and the international community to support self- rule measures in the south of Yemen.