Hadi’s government detained at Aden airport

Armed forces loyal to the Southern Transitional Council(STC) in Aden, south of Yemen, detained  Hadi’s  government headed by Moeen Abdulmalik in Aden Airport on Thursday,

Local sources said that a force led by Abu Hammam al-Yafi’i cordoned off Aden airport and spread around it, coinciding with the arrival of a private plane carrying Moeen Abdulmalik and a number of ministers in his government, which indicates the (STC) refusal of Hadi’s government return to the city.

Abu Hammam refused to allow Hadi’s cabinet,  who are visiting the city, to move  to their residence in Qasr Al-Ma’asheeq.

The sources said that the Saudi forces are in contact with the (STC) In an attempt to persuade Abu Hammam to withdraw his forces  from the airport and open the way for the government delegation.

The fate of the Hadi Prime Minister is not yet known at the time of writing this news.