Demonstrations in Socotra against the governor and Islah Party

The UAE-backed Transitional Council pushed On Wednesday, hundreds of its supporters in Socotra Island, to demonstrate and demand the overthrow of “Islah” authority, and  departure of the appointed governor by President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Local sources said that a “massive” rally roamed the streets of Hadibu, the administrative center of the island. The participants in the demonstration chanted slogans calling Hadi to change the current governor Ramzi Mahrous.

As well as they called on ” Islah party” to leave the island, describing its followers as “agents and traitors.”

The demonstrations in this island continue for the third day in a row, following the Islah party  mobilize  its loyal tribal sheikhs, who issued a statement on their name calling on Saudi forces to protect the authority of the current governor and address what they described it in the statement as “conspiracies.”

The escalation of transitional council comes in conjunction with the start of Saudi Arabia to implement Riyadh agreement in Aden. This escalation is an extension for another escalation in Aden and Shabwa, that Abu Dhabi is keen to keep it within its followers ’share. And in future, it can acquire the wealth of these governorates, which has important tourism and economic advantages.