Aden on the third day of disastrous.. Roads cut off and life immobile   

Statistics on torrential victims in Aden have been disagreeing, while news websites talked about large numbers, The official authorities in Aden announced in a press statement that at least eight people were killed and four others were injured, while sixty-six houses were partially and totally damaged.

Although two days have passed since the floods disaster in Aden , the suffering of Aden people continued on Thursday, as roads still blocked, and Lack of services, amid the silence of the ruler parties in Hadi government and Transitional council.

Local sources said that the traffic in the city remained stalled due to the cutoff of some streets, and other roads still sunken with floods. Noting that hundreds of citizens were seen on the roadside waiting for opening the streets between the districts of the afflicted province. In the context, media sources reported that the electricity is still out of service in most of the city’s neighborhoods. It also reported that more homes had collapsed on the heads of their residents.