US report expects the end of the war in Yemen

A report prepared by the “Jamestown” Foundation to analyze strategic policies expects that the five-year war in Yemen will end in the coming days, and that Iranian influence there will diminish.

The Jamestown’s report stated that ending the Saudi military intervention in Yemen and the negotiate a settlement between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis could help to reach relative stability in Yemen and the region as a whole.

“While a negotiated peace with the Houthis is not the outcome Saudi Arabia—or much of the international community—wanted, it may mark the beginning of the end of Yemen’s interlocking wars,” the report said.

“This is not to say that conflict will not continue in Yemen. It will persist at a low level for years,” the report added.

And the report said that Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen has had reverse results, Instead of defeating or even weakening the Houthis, the war has made the Houthis stronger militarily and politically.

According to the Jamestown, by ending its direct involvement in the war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia may finally achieve two of its primary objectives: minimize Iranian influence and weaken the core Houthi leadership’s hold on power.

“ Defeats, plummeting oil prices, and a global pandemic are forcing Saudi Arabia to rethink its involvement in Yemen. Ironically, the end of overt Saudi involvement in Yemen may help it achieve some of its aims as new alliances dilute Houthi control and minimize Iranian influence. While Yemen faces years of low-intensity conflict, the beginning of the end of its interlocking wars maybe in sight,” the report said .