75 coalition soldiers killed and wounded in six failed infiltrations

Sana’a forces spokesman Brig. Gen.  Yahya Sarie announced , Wednesday, that the The Anssarallah forces supported by popular committees  deterred six infiltrations and  military crawling  carried out by Saudi-backed forces  on the border fronts and Al-Baidha, Taiz. Al-Jawf provinces.

He pointed out that the Sana’a forces  confronted two large-scale creeping  in Al-Baidha province, addition to another intensive crawling  in Al-Jawf while the fourth one was in Haifan district in Taiz province.

According to Gen.  Sarie the four crawling continued from Yesterday mid-night until Today morning and all of them failed

“the enemy inflicted heavy losses in the equipment and 30 killed, 45 injured of the Forces loyal to Saudi-led coalition ,”  Sarie said.

On the border fronts The Anssarallah forces foiled two infiltrations toward their positions in Baqim  district in Saada and in al-Raboa’a district , killed and injured many of the attacking forces.

According to Brigadier Sarie, the coalition  warplane waged 35 airstrikes  on various areas in Marib , Al-Jawf provinces, and border areas including 23  raids on Majzar and Sirwah district in Marib, and seven raids on al-Hazm, Khabb wa ash Sha’af districts in Al-Jawf, in addition to five airstrikes in Qutaff district opposite of Najran.