Military media displays scenes of al Qaeda dens in Al-Jawf

The Military Media of the Sana’a Army and Popular Committees released Tuesday  special scenes of al Qaeda groups’ dens in the Al-Khasf area, north of Al-Jawf province, northeast of Sana’a.

The scenes show many books  and images related to al Qaeda organization, which in its entirety include atonement of their adversaries , calling for killing, and slaughter.

Forces loyal to Sana’a authorities found these dens explosive belts, some shells, explosives, documents and maps related to the Takfiris (al Qaeda elements), which explain how they seek to target society in every possible way.

The Military Media lens also documented secret prisons within a trench belonging to the Takfiri groups to imprison the vulnerable citizens and torture them with all types of torture. The Military Media lens also documented women’s prisons for the Daesh organization in which the kidnapped were tortured, including the prisoner Samira Marsh.

The scenes also showed a school for girls that the terrorists took as a place to teach their dark thoughts with the destructive ideas that have a negative impact on the individual and society to access easily to the minds of simple people .

The forces of the Army and Committees found some Saudi money that these Takfiris held and burned, which confirms that the Saudi regime is supporting these extremist groups.

Sana’a forces  affirmed that they are observing these takfiri elements and chasing them until the purification of Yemen from their abomination, whatever the size of the sacrifices.