Aden sinks in torrents ..Dozens casualties and billions of losses

Aden faced worst low atmospheric in its history on Tuesday, causing enormous material and human losses.

During the early hours of Tuesday morning, the city witnessed heavy rains, resulting Dozens casualties and floods destroyed the city streets.

Local sources stated that the initial toll of victims exceeded four people, stating that a mother and two children swept away due to the torrents with their house, in addition to an infant and an elderly man.

Activists circulated painful videos of torrential damage among that a number of popular homes in Crater were destroyed by rains, cliffing cars and boats.

Hundreds of Aden residents, especially the old people, appealed for relief on social media “without any reaction.”

Electricity was cutoff in various districts of Aden, as well as traffic movement has stopped.. Activists on social media described the situation as “catastrophic” .

The journalist Fathi Bin Lazrak, called on international organizations to interfere in order to rescue residents accusing the transitional council and Hadi’s government of disclaiming their responsibility.