Saudi-backed gov. :ceasefire in al- Hodeidah is ‘unenforceable’

Yemeni Foreign Minister in Saudi-backed government, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, said that the UN-brokered Stockholm agreement on a ceasefire in Yemen’s port city of al- Hodeidah is “unenforceable”.

Al-Hadharmi’s remarks came after an official member of the Saudi-backed government agreement implementation team, Mohammed Al-Sulihi, was assassinated.

“Al-Sulihi death while performing his national duty, within the framework of the UN mission, proves that the Houthis has no covenant,” Al-Hadhrami wrote on Twitter, stressing that the agreement was becoming “unenforceable”.

Meanwhile, The Liaison and Coordination Officers Operations Room in Hodeidah province, loyal to Houthis, monitored 68 violations of Sweden agreement, which were committed by Saudi-led coalition forces during the past 24 hours.

The violations included the flight of a warplane in the airspace of Hays city, the establishment of new combat fortifications near the 50th street, 26 breaches with shelling of 96 artillery shells, and 40 breaches with shooting from various weapons.

In December 2018, under UN supervision, the Houthi group and Saudi-led coalition signed an agreement in the Swedish capital of Stockholm to halt violence in Hodeidah, handing control to local units of Yemeni coastguards were charged with protecting ports. The Red Sea city is a vital gateway for aid shipments in the war-torn country.