Hadi will be expected  to transfer his authorities to his deputy

A consultant in Hadi’s government revealed on Monday about orientations to overthrow president Hadi during few days.

The former media advisor in the embassy of “legitimacy government” in Riyadh, Anis Mansour ,  expected  that Hadi would issue a new decision during the coming days, appointing his deputy Ali Mohsen to manage state affairs during the coming period.

While Mansour did not reveal the reasons of this developments. However, political observers point out to  Saudi pressures on Hadi, to transfer his powers to Mohsen.

Well known sources says Hadi is struggling with Saudi ambassador who is trying to reduce the influence of Hadi’s sons. However, sources also indicate that Hadi’s health condition has deteriorated, that requires transferring his powers to his deputy.

This developments coincides with military conflicts witnessed in Abyan province ,Monday, between Hadi’s forces and his deputy Ali Mohsen, in an indication of disputes intensifications between the parties after Aden negotiations sponsored by Saudi Arabia with transition council.

Tribal sources said that four people killed three of them from Mohsen elements and the fourth one from Hadi forces killed during the confrontations erupted in  Shuqrah city, where a number of both parties brigades stationed . As well as, others injured during the battles.

Sources stated that clashes erupted between elements belong to Abu Mishal Al-Kazmi security director in Abyan, and the commander of Mohsen forces, Bin Ma’ili.

Although Abyan witnessed bloody battles between the two parties for regional motivation after August clashes with transition council. However, the timing of recent confrontations confirms the intensification of the differences between Hadi’s camp and his deputy about the recent agreement with the transition council that includes the handover of Abyan province to forces lead led by Abu Mishal Al-Kazmi, the former leader in transitional council In exchange to withdrawal Mohsen’s forces from Abyan.