Saudi mobilizes more of al Qaeda fighters to Al-Bayda

The Saudi Arabia asked the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Nasser Al-Saraima Al-Wahaishi, to transfer his fighters from Shoqra district in Abyan province to Al-Bayda province in central Yemen, informed source said.

The information indicated that Al-Saraima Al-Wahaishi arrived with his forces in Al-Suma’a, one of the most prominent strongholds of Al-Qaeda in Al-Bayda Governorate.

Al-Wahaishi’s arrival in Al-Bayda coincided with the arrival of other terrorist forces that Saudi Arabia had taken from the brigades of extremist giants in the front of western coast in Hodeida, west of Yemen.

Saudi Arabia is arranging to carry out attacks on the forces of Sana’a (Houthis and their partners) in Al-Bayda province and in Mukayras area of Abyan province , by pushing forces into the two regions in addition to reinforcing sleeper cells in these areas with weapons, in preparation for moving them inside.