US searcher describes The War in Yemen as “a gross violation of Islam”

An American researcher describes the Saudis’ five-year war in Yemen as “a gross violation of Islam” and constitutes “crimes against humanity”

The Middle East Director of the World Policy Institute, Alon Ben-Meir said that: For Saudi Arabia, which leads the Sunni Muslim world, to act as brutally as it has in Yemen is a gross violation of Islam and constitutes crimes against humanity.

He said ,in his article that published in the globalist , that the Saudi war in Yemen for the past five years goes beyond the pale of human capacity for extreme cruelty and ruthlessness, and against the spirit and the letter of the Quran.

“Now that Saudi Arabia has at long last declared a unilateral ceasefire, the ironies abound amidst all the pain and suffering,” Ben-Meir said, adding that “None is bigger than this: Although Islam forbids the killing of innocent people, this command was never even considered by the Saudis as a reason to halt the fighting in Yemen,”

According to Ben-Meir, among the key reasons to opt for a ceasefire now are:

  1. Saudi Arabia’s limited military capabilities
  2. the tremendous strains the Yemen war is putting on the Saudi economy
  3. the growing lack of financial resources due to the plunging price of oil, which is also preventing the much-needed diversification of the Saudi economy
  4. the significant advances of the Houthis in key provinces in central Yemen
  5. the growing international censure against the Saudis; and finally
  6. the realization that the war is unwinnable, and that securing the border and distancing the Houthis from Iran assumed priority.

“All of that is evidence that Islam’s teachings and moral obligations were simply not a part of the Saudi equation,” he said.