Saudi fighter jets Continue Bombing Residential Areas in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition fighter jets have carried out 35 raids, including 27 on the districts of Sirwah, Majzar and Madghal in Marib province, and eight raids on the districts of Khab wa Al-Shaaf in Al-Jawf province.

Saudi jet fighters  carried out nearly 27 airstrikes against the Yemeni provinces of Ma’rib and Jawf as the war on the country continues unabated.

According to a security official, the areas of Khab and al-Sha’af and Hazm in the northern Jawf province were targeted seven times in the past 24 hours.

The coalition aircraft waged 20 raids on Mairb, ten of which targeted Salab area and other areas in Majzar district, and six others on Madghal district, the official explained.

In Jawf, the official said that the coalition carried out seven raids on the province, including four on Khab Washaaf district and three others on al-Hazm.

In a report released on Sunday, Yemen’s Legal Center for Rights and Development, an independent monitoring group, put the civilian death toll in the war-torn Arab country at 16,075. The fatalities, it said, comprise 3,901 children and 2,462 women.

The rights body said the bombings have also wounded 41,476 civilians, including 4,220 children and 3,039 women.